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Front: DAF Hermitage Research Facility Centre Leader, Prof Andy Borrell and mungbean plant breeder Col Douglas
Back: AMA Treasurer and Vice-President Brett McIntyre and President Mark Schmidt (Photo: Neil Lyon)


11 July, 2019


The Australian Summer Grains Conference Mungbean Award went to the Hermitage Research Facility Mung Crop Team. The award was accepted by Hermitage Research Facility’s (HRF) long-standing Centre Leader, Prof Andy Borrell accompanied by Col Douglas. Photo: Neil Lyon

Giving the award to the Hermitage team as a whole was to recognise the many people and different contributions made at this important research facility. These include current and past members of the mungbean and chickpea projects – the ‘Tropical Pulse Team'. And since 2003 with the genesis of the National Mungbean Improvement Program, there have been many others involved!

The award also recognises the remarkably dedicated and capable farm and office support staff, without whom the remarkable progress of the mungbean breeding work could not have happened.

The team has also enjoyed the support of the sorghum pre-breeding and sorghum physiology (DAF and UQ) teams, as well as the barley pathology teams. All of these groups have gladly shared ideas and their skills and experience to transform mungbean research, what we are able to do, and will be able to achieve into the future.

Tom Noble, was part of the Hermitage family early in his mungbean career and continues to contribute to the industry's understanding of halo blight.

The whole Hermitage team has also helped support the great success of the Hermitage Mungbean Field Day that we have created and grown together over the last five years.

The AMA is grateful for the dedication and professionalism of the whole DAF Hermitage Research Facility team supporting the growth of the Australian mungbean industry.


Preparing for the industry's future

• Hermitage’s been conducting scientific research since 1897 – one hundred and twenty two years of impact to Queensland and NSW agriculture production (only Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney Universities have been running for longer in Australia).

• Plant breeding since 1948 – seventy one years. Wheat, sorghum, linseed, soybean, barley, navybeans, chickpea and most recently mungbeans… DAF has partnered with GRDC since 2003.

• National Mungbean Improvement Program services the entire northern grains region testing for yield, regional adaptation and disease reaction.

• Crystal, Satin II, Jade-AU, Celera II-AU and Onyx-AU developed and released from the Hermitage account for 99% of Australian mungbean production across all market types.

• Transformed ‘mongrel beans’ to ‘money beans’ as recognised at 2016’s International Year of the Pulse.

• In the last five years the Hermitage ‘family’ has taken mungbean to the world stage through ‘blue sky’ research, renewed focus on pathology, scientific publications, new breeding technologies, pre-breeding.


2019 Agronomist Award

The AMA is proud to sponsor the Zoe McInnes Memorial Award Study Tour at the Australian Summer Grains Conference. The winner of the 2019 award was B&W Rural, Moree agronomist, Casey Onus. Joint runners-up were Tony Lockrey (AMPS, Moree) and Brent Wilson (Landmark, Ayr).

The award, valued at $5000, recognises the outstanding contribution to Agronomic excellence by an agronomist. It is a fitting memorial to much-loved and respected young agronomist Zoe McInnes.


AHRI northern extension agronomist, Paul McIntosh, with the 2019 award winner, Casey Onus, and Zoe’s mother, Kaz McInnes. Photo: Neil Lyon


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