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2016 blog posts


Bean fly outbreak in CQ and NQ

A wetter than average spring is believed to have contributed to increased insect pressure across the state with outbreaks of the potentially destructive bean fly impacting emerging mungbean crops in Central and Northern Queensland.

Monolepta outbreak in Burdekin mung crops

Burdekin mungbean growers are being advised to be vigilant about pest control after outbreaks of red-shouldered leaf beetles were detected in crops throughout the region.

30 years of continuous growth

Australian mungbean growers and post-farm gate agribusinesses are reaping the benefits gained from an industry association founded 30 years ago to establish a food safety standard for the handling of the ‘small green bean’.

Mungbeans to Feed the Farm Feed the World

The Australian Mungbean Association threw their support behind the Australian Pulse Conference by having a display and sponsoring the event.

Solving the halo blight mystery

The Association has made a significant financial contribution of $30 thousand a year to a 4-year PhD scholarship at the Queensland University of Technology to solve the halo blight disease issue.

Powdery mildew in mungbeans

When it comes to protecting mungbeans from powdery mildew, one well-timed fungicide spray is valuable, but two can be even better.

Mungbean markets hold firm for 2016–17 season

Australian mungbeans have captured the attention of buyers in Asia and the Indian sub-continent, with particular interest in Australia’s large, shiny green mungbean variety, Jade-AU.

206–17 Mungbean Pre-Season Roadshow

Growers interested in planting mungbean this season are invited to attend free Pre-Season Roadshow meetings to hear the latest in mungbean marketing and agronomic advice.

Never give up on mungbeans until they are dead

At planting it is impossible to know exactly how the season will unfold but mungbean is showing itself to be a very reliable performer even under poor growing conditions.

Mungbeans celebrated at the Australian Summer Grains Conference

At the 2016 Australian Summer Grains Conference the AMA was proud to sponsor an award that recognised the contribution of experienced agronomists to farming enterprises and to the broader industry and rural community.

Fusarium wilt raises its head in mungbean crops

Fusarium wilt has raised its head in mungbean crops across southern Queensland in recent weeks, prompting calls from the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) for growers to submit samples for disease testing.

ABC’s Landline features mungbeans—paddock to plate

ABC’s Landline program on 20 March celebrates International Year of Pulses with a paddock-to-plate story about the Australian mungbean industry.

New ways with mungbean in the International Year of Pulses

Pulses, like mungbeans, chickpeas and lentils, are amongst the oldest domesticated crops in the world, grown on all continents and featuring in every traditional cuisine.

Jade tops Crystal in CQ by at least 10%

When Jade-AU was released in 2013, researchers had four years of yield evaluation trial data that showed this new variety would reliably have a 10% plus yield advantage over older varieties.