Australian Mungbean Association

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Mungbean Best Management Practice Training

An opportunity to hear from mungbean experts, to ask questions and learn from other agronomists working with mungbean crops.

2-day training course, 16–17 January, 2018 Emerald, Qld.

1-day upskilling course for already-Accredited Agronomists only, 18 January 2018 Emerald, Qld


This is a full two (2) day accreditation course conducted by Pulse Australia in association with DAF Qld, NSW DPI, CSIRO and the Australian Mungbean Association.

The course is designed to provide farmers, agronomists and advisors with both the technical knowledge and practical skills required to achieve more reliable and profitable mungbean production. The expert presenters will provide the science and reasoning behind current Best Management Practice and an update on the latest research and advancements in the mungbean industry.

A comprehensive manual is provided exclusively to course participants.

Once accredited, participants’ names and contact details are added to the Accredited Mungbean Agronomist list on the AMA website.

The ten modules of learning covered by the course are:

1. Rotational benefits and profitability

2. Plant physiology

3. Variety selection

4. General agronomy

5. Weed management

6. Disease management

7. Insect management

8. Desiccation, harvest and storage

9. Marketing, end uses and standards

10. Chemical application.