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Funding new varieties


20 July, 2015


Jade-AU, Crystal, Satin II, Celera II-AU and Green Diamond seed are protected by PBR legislation and a point-of-sale royalty applies. This royalty helps fund the National Mungbean Improvement Program to develop mungbean varieties for the future.

Growers may retain seed for their own use but may not sell seed to other growers. The Australian Mungbean Association (AMA) is the exclusive agent for the commercialisation and distribution of seed.

The AMA recommends that mungbean producers replenish their seed lines every three years. If in doubt, replacing seed will cost far less than the potential high yield losses associated with poor quality seed. So contact your local AMA member now to arrange purchase of planting seed for the coming summer season.

Planting retained seed increases the risk of seed borne bacterial diseases, mainly tan spot and halo blight. Fungicides do not affect these diseases and there are no effective in-crop management strategies, except planting with quality seed.

AMA commenced a seed production scheme in 2005. An independent third party inspects seed production crops for halo blight and tan spot, along with various other diseases and weed contaminants. This process reduces the incidence of disease and gives the industry confidence in the integrity of the seed supply.

Seed produced under the AMA scheme is sold in clearly branded bags with each seed lot fully traceable back to the paddock of production.