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Mungbean Agronomy – research update

Trials to optimise mungbean productivity.


4 March, 2019


Mungbean agronomy project update

by Jayne Gentry, Mat Dunn and Doug Sands


Optimising mungbean yields through regionally specific mungbean agronomy packages

Project details:

  • 3 years of regional trials (18/19, 19/20 & 20/21)
  • Emerald, Darling Downs, Border Rivers, Liverpool Plains
  • Funders – GRDC, DAF & NSW DPI


Industry consultation asked:

  1. Do mungbeans yield better in high N situations?
  2. How effective is inoculation in supplying N to maximise yield?


2018/19 regional trial details

Research question: Does the timing and application of nitrogen influence mungbean yields compared to well-inoculated mungbeans?

Trial 1 – Irvingdale (planted 27/12, harvested 25/4)

Trial 2 – Breeza RS (planted 10/1/19)

Trial 3 – Emerald RS (planted 11/3/19)

Trial 4 -- not planted due to dry




  1. No applied N +/- inoculation
  2. Fallow applied N shallow +/- inoculation
  3. Fallow applied N deep +/- inoculation
  4. Applied N at planting +/- inoculation
  5. Applied N split bw fallow (deep) and planting (shallow) +/- inoculation

*N applied @ 2t/ha crop requirement


Interesting results to date:

  • No visual differences
  • Irvingdale failed to nodulate – possibly due to a starting profile N 70 kgN/ha


Contact details

Jayne Gentry, DAF



Project funded by GRDC, DAF & NSW DPI


More information: