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Mungbean Entomology – research update

Phytoplasma update.


4 March, 2019


Mungbean entomology update

by Trevor Volp & Hugh Brier, DAF


Helicoverpa resistance management

  • Resistance on the rise for Steward® (industry-wide
  • average: 6.2% cf. 1.6% in 2013-14) & Altacor® (industrywide
  • average: 0.9%, Darling Downs: 2.6% cf. 0% in 2013-14)
  • Selective insecticides available and registered: Altacor®, Steward®, and Affirm®
  • Altacor® & Steward® windowed around major mungbean and chickpea spray periods
  • Field trials show Altacor® ~85% residual control up to 3 weeks, Affirm® has ~70% after 2 weeks (Chickpea data)
  • ‘GRDC Helicoverpa resistance management strategy’ for more details


Phytoplasma update

  • Very low levels observed in 2018/19 monitoring on the Darling Downs (<1% incidence in mungbean crops)
  • Ongoing QDAF work to identify leafhopper vector, triggers for outbreaks, and what % of hoppers carry the bacteria
  • Current management recommendation is to control weeds that act as a host for leafhoppers and the disease


Starkle® registered in mungbeans for mirid control

  • Rate: 90g/ha
  • Hard on predatory beetles, bugs, parasitoid wasps, and bees (cotton management guide & DAF trial data).
  • High risk of flaring Helicoverpa
  • Not a softer option than 250mL dimethoate + 0.5% NaCl (the current softest most effective mirid option)
  • Low rate dimethoate option developed in the last Helicoverpa resistance crisis (in pre-Steward days).
  • Starkle® is roughly $12/ha more expensive than half-rate dimethoate


Be alert for mites in hot weather

  • Hot summers with low rainfall favour two spotted mites
  • Additional risk factors are the use of non-selective insecticides against other pests, and proximity to earlier maturing mite hosts such as maize.
  • To minimise the risk of mites, avoid prophylactic sprays and select the softest insecticide options where these are available.


Contact details

Trevor Volp, DAF     0429 641 912

Hugh Brier, DAF      0428 188 069



Funding from GRDC and DAF


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