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Mungbean Irrigation – research update

Can irrigation practice be improved to maximise yield in mungbeans?


4 March, 2019


Improving irrigated mungbean yield

by Skye Traill and Lindsay Bell (CSIRO)


What we did:

  • 30 irrigated mungbean growers were surveyed across the northern grains region to assess current management practices
  • Mungbean yield and water use when irrigation is applied at a range of soil water deficits was simulated using APSIM


Survey findings for the northern grains zone


APSIM simulation findings for Pampas (Darling Downs)


5. Pampas total crop water use (evapotranspiration) was 279 mm when irrigation was applied at an 80mm soil water deficit (1.6Ml total applied) & 450 mm for irrigation applied at a 5mm deficit (3.7Ml total applied)


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Skye Traill





Project funded by GRDC and CSIRO


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