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Australian Summer Grains Conference – 8–10 July 2019. Registrations are open and abstracts and award nominations invited.


Australian Summer Grains Conference 2019 – registrations are openUnder the theme 'Enduring Farm Profitability' this Conference brings together the latest information relevant to Australian summer cropping industries.Narrow rows deliver higher yieldsWhen all other factors are equal, planting mungbeans on narrow rows (50 cm or less) has been shown to have a large influence on yield.Seed sales equals better new varietiesAMA recommends that mungbean producers replenish their seed lines at least every three years with AMA-Approved seed, sold in distinctively-branded bags.Test seed earlyAny mungbean seed retained on farm from a previous crop should be tested well before planting to check the seed’s viability.Inoculation basicsWhile most people don’t like the job of inoculating mungbeans at sowing time, getting it right can provide the nitrogen that the crop requires and ensure maximum yields.Beware of residuals after dry winterFollowing an exceptionally dry winter, pay particular attention to paddock selection, particularly where there have been recent applications of residual herbicides.Mungbeans powered through adverse conditions last seasonStrong demand and solid pricing supported Australian mungbean growers through a roller coaster season in 2017–18, which ended on a positive note with all stocks sold.Onyx-AU streaks head of Regur in the black gram stakesNorwin farmer Rod Ferguson was very pleased with the performance of the newly released Onyx-AU black gram variety.Get ready for the 2018-19 Mungbean Season at the AMA UpdatesGet the latest information about mungbean production ready for the 2018-19 season.Experienced mungbean growers soughtDr Marisa Collins is asking experienced mungbean growers to complete a short on-line survey to better understand yield variability in mungbean crops.Market outlook for new-crop mungbeansJames Hunt, principal trader from Australian Choice Exports, expects strong demand for Australian mungbeans to continue this marketing season.2018 Hermitage Mungbean Field WalkWednesday 28 March 2018 from 7.30 am (BBQ breakfast) and concludes 12 pmWhere: DAF Hermitage Research Facility, 604 Yangan Road, WarwickThree bites at the mungbean cherryWondai farmer Mick Guse has had a good run this season, starting with a self-sown mungbean crop that established at the end of last year's wheat crop.


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