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National Mungbean Improvement Program

National Mungbean Improvement Program plant breeder, Col Douglas (DAF) with AMA president, Mark Schmidt.

23 May, 2017


In the past few years the significant gains in the industry have come from a range of key initiatives including significant variety improvement through the National Mungbean Improvement Program.

The National Mungbean Improvement Program (NMIP) is a partnership between the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF), Queensland, the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) and the AMA. DAF provides the the plant breeding expertise and facilities, GRDC is the major funding body and the AMA is the commercial partner.

Satin II and Crystal set a new benchmark within their respective markets and more recently the launch of Jade-AU and Celera II-AU provided growers with more choice and access to disease resistance options.

Celera-II AU is a small seeded variety that combines the superior quality of Celera, preferred by the small seeded market, with the best available halo blight resistance. It has been released as a direct replacement for the two small seeded varieties, Green Diamond and Celera.

A new black gram variety will be released in 2017.

The AMA is the commercialisation partner for all current mungbean varieties.

In a 2011 report 'Economic analysis of the GRDC investment in the Mungbean Improvement Program', the analysts found that 'the total investment of $6.1 million (present value terms) has been estimated to produce total gross benefits of $115 million (present value terms) providing a net present value of $109 million, a benefit-cost ratio of over 18 to 1 (over 30 years, using a 5% discount rate) and an internal rate of return of 53%'.

The investment in and commitment to the National Mungbean Improvement Program in ongoing and supported by the seed royalty scheme that includes growers in the funding model.

Variety management packages support the production and marketing of mungbean varieties, which are bred to meet specific industry requirements.

GRDC overview of the NMIP (project code DAQ00172)

Economic analysis of the GRDC investment in the Mungbean Improvement Program (2011)

Final report on the 2008–2011 NMIP

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