Australian Mungbean Association

Australian-grown mungbeans have quality written all over them!


The Australian mungbean industry has worked hard to establish a good reputation in international markets for reliable supply of high quality, consistent and safe to eat grain. A robust quality assurance program throughout the Australian supply chain underpins this reputation. The AMA urges strict adherence to all industry codes of practice, quality standards and hygiene practices.


Food safety and hygiene


On-farm hygiene

A Code of Hygiene Practice was established in 1989 by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS). The section of the Code that relates directly to mungbean growers and which outlines growers' responsibilities is under the heading 'Hygienic requirements on the farm and during transport to the mill'.

Growers need to familiarise themselves with this section of the code, and need to understand that while there is not direct licensing or inspection of on-farm handling and storage facilities, there is a legal obligation to comply with the hygienic requirements as set out under the Code.

It is absolutely critical that growers adopt this Code of Hygienic Practice and hygienic on-farm practices if Australia is to maintain its reputation as a producer of clean and hygienic foodstuffs for both the domestic and overseas markets.


Australian machine dressed mungbean standards

Adopted August 2019


Defect photographic charts

These photographic charts are designed to be used as a guide in conjunction with the current Machine Dressed Mungbean Standards.